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Our engineering department provides various services in order to maximize the cargo carrying capacity of the vessel without compromising on safety. Further, they can take care of all documents regarding cargo securing as required by the IMO and classification society. A short overview of the services we offer is given below.

Cargo Securing Manuals  

We are experienced in the preparation of cargo securing manuals for all kinds of seagoing vessels for many years. The manuals are made ship specific and are made in accordance with the customers’ requirements and regulations. We can provide an addendum for weather dependent lashing in accordance with IACS or Swedish reduction method.




Container Lashing Manuals

Our technical department has all the technical knowledge in order to design the optimal securing system for your containers. Container lashing manuals can be made in accordance with the rules of all major Classification Societies. For vessels that are engaged in trade already, we can assist in upgrading their cargo carrying capacity by redesign the securing pattern or updating the stack distributions according to new rules or trades routes




Timber Lashing Manuals

In order to secure timber cargo on the hatches in a safe way, our technical department assists in:


  • determining the right method and materials for the job
  • making example stowage and securing plans
  • preparing complete Timber Securing Manuals

The timber lashing manuals are in accordance with the latest IMO guidelines and any additional national regulations in case required


Design of Securing Arrangements and Equipment



Our technical department has the necessary experience, knowledge and software to perform the design of custom-built cargo securing systems like blind trestles, container securing fittings,…
All designs are made with the assistance of FEM-simulations and in accordance with the regulations as requested. 




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